“We are missing something in the middle”

Mauricio Pochettino’s requests for transfers have already made headlines, but it was notable that he made a quite specific request today about the thing his team is missing.

So far Pochettino has been very hesitant to make requests like that at any stage, and he’s focused on the impact he can make as a coach, leaving the transfer stuff to others. But now he’s actively demanding better players to work with.

“When the transfer window opens, we will see what we can do. I will not say I need to ask for more players or less players but it’s to see if the perception matches the reality. Is expectation here, reality here because we are missing something in the middle. That is the reality, maybe we need to improve our reality,” the manager said after the game.

Assuming he means the middle as in the middle of the pitch, that’s just not what you want to hear after spending more than quarter of a billion pounds on Enzo Fernandez, Moises Caicedo, Romeo Lavia and Lesley Ugochukwu (plus Cesare Casadei, Andrey Santos, and probably a few more we’ve forgotten).

If we’re still “missing something in the middle” after all that, those in charge of buying those players need to be sacked without hesitation.

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