Vidic explains exactly why United got these two

Legendary Manchester United defender Nemanja Vidic says Erik ten Hag “makes players better”.

The now 41-year old is one of the most decorated players in United’s history, having won five Premier League titles, three League Cups, one World Club Cup and the 2008 Champions League.

Vidic was interviewed by i during the lunch break of the course he is attending, the Uefa Master for International Players, a course training ex-players in administrative roles within football.

He told reporter Sam Cunningham:

“Erik ten Hag makes players better.

“He’s a good coach — that’s very important. He’s working on the pitch all the time with them.

“He’s very stable as a person. He was already working for a big club and it seems like his approach is that nothing comes straight away, it’s hard work. He sees the longer picture.

“Even if you lose the match or win the match, where he wants to go. He gives me confidence as an ex-Manchester United player and fan that he knows what he’s doing.

““You can see on the pitch that they’re playing more as a team.

“Ten Hag has good values. That’s important. I think we lost in a certain moment that value but now I think he’s giving that back. And it feels now that they’re playing as a team.”

The Serbian was one half of what was arguably the best centre back partnership in United’s history, playing alongside Rio Ferdinand in the side that dominated English football for many years.

Cunningham asked him what he thought of United’s current centre backs.

“Lisandro came just six months ago, so he did really well,” he said.

“He brings energy, he likes to defend. He seems like he’s enjoying playing in England. He was a great signing.

Vidic went on to say that he thinks the partnership with Raphael Varane will get even stronger. He said an important element of that was how quickly the Argentinian was able to pick up the pace of the Premier League.

“I’m really happy how [Lisandro] is playing and especially that energy he gives to the team, that aggression and winning mentality,” he said.

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