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UEFA’s ultimatum to Denmark which resulted in restart vs…

It was completely understandable that the Denmark vs Finland game was suspended earlier on today, but there was a lot of shock when it was announced that the game would be restarted later on this evening.

The Denmark players had just had to deal with seeing Christian Eriksen receiving emergency medical treatment and there were genuine fears for his life, while you could see from their faces that the players were simply traumatized.

Their performance in the loss was expected as they just looked drained and it looked like they were struggling to concentrate properly, so it does raise some questions over the decision to play on.

It did come across as a brave decision to play on, but reports are now indicating that they really weren’t given a choice and this is especially poor from UEFA:

The players were clearly just exhausted mentally and it’s unlikely that forcing them to play tomorrow at lunchtime was really any better, while there’s no reason they couldn’t give them a few days to recoup and then squeeze this into he schedule later in the tournament.

It appears to be another example of decision making where the players aren’t being put first, and it’s a dreadful look for UEFA.

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