Two Chelsea players developing great chemistry

The chemistry developing between Christopher Nkunku and Nicolas Jackson through the first 3 games of preseason has been really exciting, and as we move towards our penultimate friendly tonight, it’s something we’re desperate to see more of.

Fulham will provide a solid opposition, and they’re at the same stage of their preparations as us, with Premier League action now less than two weeks away.

This is not one of those games that will be played at 100%, but it should be a pretty intense game, especially early on, before changes from both coaches potentially break down the rhythm. The team that Mauricio Pochettino puts out from the start should be approaching his first XI for the game against Liverpool in two weeks, and the attacking interplay between Jackson and Nkunku is going to be key for our success all season.

Every minute they get together in preseason is invaluable. We can’t wait to see what they conjure up tonight.

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