Tom Brady buys share of Birmingham City: You wonder how much

Birmingham City, which competes in England’s EFL Championship, has announced that Tom Brady has “become a minority owner” of the club.

“Seven-time Super Bowl champion and entrepreneur Tom Brady has partnered with Knighthead Capital Management to become a minority owner of Birmingham City Ltd,” the Blues shared on social media.

What does Birmingham City expect from Tom Brady?

Brady, an American football legend with 23 active seasons in the NFL, will become chairman of the new Advisory Board, working directly with the club’s board and members of the leadership team.

Tom Brady explains why he has bought Birmingham City

Birmingham expects Tom Brady “to apply his extensive experience and leadership expertise across various components of the club, including working alongside the sports science department to advise on health, nutrition, wellness and recovery systems and programmes. In addition, Brady will work closely with the Board and management team on global marketing efforts and the identification of new business partnership opportunities for the club”.

This is how Tom Brady announced he is becoming co-owner of Birmingham City: “So here’s the deal…”

Brady, who is 46, retired in 2023 and in 2022 signed an insane contract to commentate the NFL on Fox Sports (375 million for 10 seasons).

Brady himself posted a video announcing that he was becoming co-owner of Birmingham: “So here’s the deal, I’m officially joining Birmingham City Football Club“.

“You might be asking yourself, “what do you know about English football, Tom? Well, let’s just say I have a lot to learn. But I know a few things about winning, and I think they translate pretty well. I know that success starts with work done when the world isn’t watching. I know that a team is nothing without the city that shows up and supports it,” explained the NFL legend.

“I’ll see you soon at St Andrew’s. It’s time to get to work,” Brady said.

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