Tom Brady applauds Erling Haaland after Pep Guardiola scolds

Tom Brady took to social media Friday to share a video of Erling Haaland scoring his second goal of the day for Manchester City against Burnley in the Premier League. Despite the brace, head coach Pep Guardiola still scolded him on live television, and then took it out on the cameraman.

The retired NFL quarterback is now a minority owner of Birmingham City, a second-tier club in England, and is happy he won’t have to face the elite striker anytime soon.

Tom Brady explains why he has bought Birmingham City

“Relieved to not see Erling Haaland on the schedule yet,” Brady tweeted.

Haaland had Man City up 2-0 at halftime, but Guardiola still looked heated with his player, shouting at him in front of the camera.

Guardiola’s fury against Haaland was seen by millions of viewers, who also witnessed how the coach slightly shoved the cameraman away.

Manchester City wins easily

Haaland scored in the fourth and 36th minute, a quality brace in the team’s season opener, which did not end there.

Rodri added a third goal in the 75th minute to seal a 3-0 victory for the Citizens over Burnley.

Manchester City are coming off a treble-winning season and already look in form to repeat as champions in the league.

Birmingham, meanwhile, play Leeds United on Saturday morning and Brady is expected to show up at a game this season.

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