The Premier League star who injured himself having sex: Now

Micah Richards has gone viral again, this time for revealing that he once injured his hamstring while having sex.

The former Manchester City full-back hadn’t told the story until now, but has opened up on the awkward conversation he had with the team doctors when they discovered the hamstring injury.

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Micah Richards’ latest viral moment

Appearing with Gary Lineker and Alan Sharer on their podcast, The Rest is Football, Richards was asked what the strangest injury he ever picked up was.

“I have one, but it’s quite sexual, not really for this podcast,” Richards started, before being encouraged to tell the story anyway.

“Obviously you can’t go into detail, but basically, yes, I was having fun.

“As I was having fun, I slipped off the bed and stretched my leg and did my hamstring.

“It had been totally fine in training, so when I go back to training and the physios ask me what I’ve done, I just said ‘I’ve just got some pain down my back, I felt it in the game but I didn’t really want to say nothing’.

“But, it was all just because of that moment. They didn’t know the truth, until now!”

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