“Terrible” Chelsea disappoint top pundit who explains how

Premier League record goalscorer Alan Shearer is of course a Newcastle fan, which gave him a great chance to give an opinion on what he saw from Chelsea today, speaking on 5 Live.

Let’s just say, he wasn’t too positive.

Despite some good early moments we never really got into gear, and we were so soft defensively. There’s a lot this team needs to work on, and the former England striker saw it all up close today.

Shearer said Chelsea had been “terrible” in the second half, and explained that he thought that Newcastle had “made them play terribly” through their excellent pressing.

There’s certainly an element of that, but we also just think Chelsea weren’t at it today. The crowd weren’t even that ferocious, and in the early stages the home side were cautious.

We were just soft at vital moments, and then looked totally uninspired to get back into the game.

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