Striker setting himself up to be greatest Serie A villain

Romelu Lukaku has launched one of the great scandals of the summer with his flirtations with Juventus.

The Chelsea striker has spoken openly about his desire to move back to Inter Milan pretty much since the moment he arrived at Stamford Bridge. His openness about his desire not to be a Chelsea player was enough to infuriate and alienate the fans, who have been desperate to get rid of him since.

The feeling was that it was Inter or nothing for Lukaku, who has made it tediously clear that his focus is on going back, and how much he loves their fans. The problem was that they simply couldn’t offer Chelsea enough to make a deal happen.

So when the two teams finally found an agreement this weekend, it seemed the striker would finally get his wish.

Except that suddenly, with everything lined up for him, Lukaku has disappeared and Inter can’t contact him – it’s written in places like SempreInter, quoting sources in Italy, that’s his agent has been talking to Inter’s rivals Juventus and AC Milan behind the scenes.

Chelsea don’t care – they just want shot of the player. But he might be setting himself up to be Serie A’s greatest villain in a decade.

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