Quick Match Recap: Manchester City Lose The Shield In

Manchester City 1, Cole Palmer (77’)

Arsenal 1, Leandro Tros1, Colesard (90’+11’)

Welcome to your quick recap. A disappointing loss after some controversy. The new stoppage time rules reared their ugly head as the time played was eight minutes extra plus more after a collision. Leading to over 100 minutes of play.

A sloppy match that like all City matches in the opening months was very lackluster. We can only hope City grow onto the season as they have done so much in the past.

It was a typically tight affair and I thought City played a much better second half and were the better team overall.

Later, after much chaos and City being imposing for large stretches, Arsenal managed a hugely miraculous deflection that hurt them deeply.

The penalties then became a farce as Rodri and Kevin De Bruyne failed to score theirs and not even all ten pens were taken.

Despite that, City looked the more likely to score but succumbed to foolishness by the ref and the ridiculous new stoppage time rules.

The story of the night is that City lose for the first time this season and we can now start the season after failing out on the sextuple.

A disappointing day of football.

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