Predictions – How The BnB Team Fared After Manchester City’s

The first round of predictions has yielded a few mystics amongst the Bitter and Blue Team. Three perfect results were recorded, giving an impressive start for Adam, Saul and Thomas, who all predicted the blues would run out 3-0 winners.

Shout outs to Kim (4-0) and Dillon (3-1), who were so close with their predictions, while Pete got the right number of goals in the match. However, there’s no extra points for almost there, otherwise Arsenal and Liverpool would be fighting for the league each season!

This week’s ‘must do better’ award goes to Craig, who predicted a 1-1 draw. Don’t worry, there’s still 37 league matches, League and FA Cup and Champions League remaining, so plenty of time to make amends!

Match 1 Table

Adam, Saul and Thomas top the first table, while Craig is currently in the wooden spoon position.

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