Pochettino denies special bond with Enzo Fernandez » Chelsea

Enzo Fernandez would be a key player for whoever was Chelsea manager – it just happens that Mauricio Pochettino is a fellow Argentine.

In an interesting interview with Chelsea TV, Pochettino was asked about whether he had a special bond with the midfielder, and he was quick to deny it. He certainly doesn’t want to be seen as showing any favouritism:

“It’s a good connection because we talk the same language. But with all the players have very good connections in the team,” the manager confided.

Pochettino’s specialism is in man management and working with players, and so he will always be careful in situations like this to not favour one over another – but given Fernandez is the hub of the team and the key to getting good results, we could understand if Pochettino was keen to ensure he is especially valued.

The coach is still figuring out how to use his countryman in the best way tactically, but their personal bond will only grow with time. Just as with the other players, Pochettino will find his unique angle and hopefully use it to take Enzo to the next level.

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