Pep Guardiola: “Manchester City could never spend like

Ever since Manchester City was taken over by City Football Group, their success has been marred by the surge in finances the club has seen.

Whether it’s been the Premier League, FA Cup or their recent Champions League triumph, critics have come out of the woodwork and preached the unfairness of Man City’s spending over the past decade and a half.

Those criticisms have irked manager Pep Guardiola plenty. With star Kevin De Bruyne out for a long period, the club might need to dip back into the transfer market after bringing in Josko Gvardiol and Mateo Kovacic this summer.

When prompted about the transfer market, Guardiola took a subtle dig at Chelsea and at the critics who don’t pan Chelsea’s spending like they do Manchester City’s.

I couldn’t sit here if we spent what Chelsea spent in the last two transfer windows, you would kill me. We’d be under scrutiny like you couldn’t imagine. I don’t criticize Chelsea for one second. I’m saying, if we do it, we are dead, all around the world. They can do whatever they want. I don’t like when they criticize me, what we do, what I have to say. Everyone has their own business and everyone does what is best for the club.

More money, more problems

Since Todd Boehly took over as Chelsea’s owner in late May of 2022, Chelsea have spent a whopping $1.21 billion. Yes, billion. Granted, they have sold a lot of players, but the figure is daunting in the era of “Financial Fair Play”.

Manchester City have actually spent more since Guardiola has been the manager, but that spans seven years.

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