Paul Scholes says Steven Gerrard was a better plan than him

Paul Scholes or Frank Lampard or Steven Gerrard?

That is the debate that has raged on endlessly since the three midfield mavericks took the field for their respective clubs.

While the answers to this question have always differed depending upon the person answering, this time, one has come straight from the horse’s mouth.

Talking to Harry Pinero for Rio Ferdinand’s FIVE channel, Scholes made a remark that was completely unexpected.

Pinero asked him who he thought was better between him and Gerrard. Scholes looked undecided for a moment, before taking the Liverpool legend’s name definitively.

He went on to expand upon the reasoning behind his answer.

“I think he was more of a match-winner as well, wasn’t he? But he was playing in a team where he probably had to be.

“I was more part of a team. He was more individual I think,” he said.

He is arguably correct in saying so, as Gerrard’s Liverpool never reached the heights of Scholes’ United, so the player himself stood out more for his individual performances.

Pinero then asked an interesting hypothetical, to which Scholes was again humble in answering. He asked Scholes if the two players would do as well in their roles swapped for their respective teams.

Scholes said he “wouldn’t have been able to do what he [Gerrard] did at Liverpool” while saying that it was possible that Gerrard could have replicated his impact at United.

United fans might not like to hear Scholes saying that, but it is the measure of his humility, and his propensity to put the team beyond the individual.

Qualities like that helped the United team become the all-conquering European legends that they are now regarded.

Being accepted below Gerrard in a fan debate is probably a good price to pay in return for all the glories Scholes enjoyed in the elite United sides.

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