Mason Greenwood devastated by his departure from Manchester

Manchester United announced on Monday that Mason Greenwood will leave the English club after completing a six-month criminal investigation into an alleged attempted rape.

Greenwood, a 21-year-old England international, has not played for United since January 2022 and his future had been in limbo during the club’s own investigation.

With an official statement, Manchester United confirmed the departure of Mason Greenwood immediately: “(…) All those involved, including Mason, recognize the difficulties for him to restart his career at Manchester United. Therefore, it was mutually agreed that it would be more appropriate for him to do it away from Old Trafford, and we will now work with Mason to achieve that result.”

The British soccer player was detained since the beginning of 2022 after being singled out as a suspect in an alleged rape and assault on a woman. Images and an audio file were disseminated on the internet as evidence of said event. However, the authorities withdrew the charges in February of that same year.

Greenwood, released his own statement at the same time as the club to say it is “the best decision for all of us”, while stating that he “did not do the things” of which he is accused.

After learning that Manchester United no longer wanted him in the team, Greenwood was devastated, an anonymous source told The Sun.

Greenwood would have had problems with Cristiano Ronaldo

Now, as the English press points out, the English winger is having a lot of difficulties finding a team. According to The Sun, his arrival in Saudi Arabia would also be vetoed by Cristiano Ronaldo. The Portuguese fell out with Greenwood following some comments from the English about Ronaldo’s arrival at Al-Nassr. The signing of English seems like a huge risk for the teams.

The British forward commented on the fitness of the Portuguese star while he played for Real Madrid, then moved to Juventus and then England in September 2021.

The comment came in March, three months after Ronaldo, 38, signed with Saudi team Al-Nassr for two years and $445 million.

Mason Greenwood will begin to look for a new opportunity in soccer and thus return to the fields, something that he has not done since January 2022.

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