Manchester United had concerns that Antony’s situation would

Manchester United harboured concerns since June that Antony’s off-the-pitch issues and legal troubles would escalate and catch up with the player.

Three women came forward and accused the United star of a number of things including assault, causing bodily harm and issuing threats.

One of the victims, Rayssa de Freitas, had claimed that she was attacked in a car by Antony and Mallu Ohana – the ex-wife of Brazil player Dudu, but has now dropped her complaint.

The United star, who is currently on a leave of absence granted to him by the club while he navigates through these issues, has been left to contend with charges from two other women.

One is from 33-year-old banker Ingrid Lana, who also claims she was physically attacked by the Brazilian.

A report covered by The Peoples Person revealed details of a secret conversation between Lana and a close confidant of Antony in which the alleged victim seemed to have admitted she was pressurised into accusing the United man.

The other complainant is Antony’s former partner Gabriela Cavallin, who offered compelling evidence of instances of assault and violence meted out by the 23-year-old footballer in separate incidents.

It was relayed that Antony was under investigation even before United were trying to sign him.

The Red Devils denied that they had knowledge of these matters and insisted that their background checks into the former Ajax star came clean and did not raise any red flags.

The Daily Mail’s Chris Wheeler reports that for some time now, United have been worried that allegations made against their player would escalate quickly.

Wheeler also confirms that the 20-time English champions only became aware of the claims in June when Gabriela Cavallin appeared on Brazilian media to expose her ex-boyfriend.

Wheeler adds, “Sources say that even as the Mason Greenwood saga was coming to an end, United were conscious that the issue with Antony may only just have been starting.”

“The 23-year-old has been allowed to stay in Brazil while on leave to clear his name.”

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