Manchester City Win at Home vs Nottingham Forest: Reaction &

Manchester City down the trees and keep a big win at home. Really good match as the club remains unbeaten.

On to the reaction from Pep Guardiola:

“Playing 10 against 11 for 44 minutes plus seven injury times minutes… it’s a lot of minutes (with 10 men) and they defended incredibly well,” Guardiola said.

“We conceded one chance on 95 minutes and there was an incredible save from Ederson but not a lot else against a team that won at Chelsea, created problems at Arsenal and Old Trafford, and with the the physicality they have and the bench they have I’m really satisfied.

“How many times we played with five at the back and three in the middle maybe we will learn but today we did it really well.”

“You can lie to one person but not almost 60,000 people,” he said.

“It’s impossible. They see we are not lazy, they see we do everything to defend a result from the difficulties we had in the second half.

“The spectators are involved in that and that’s why they can give more energy when they are tired.”

“I would say the wingers we had in the past were the type of wingers with incredible skill and quality but not with the pace that we had with Leroy [Sane] and Raheem [Sterling],” Guardiola told the media ahead of the Nottingham Forest game.

“We didn’t have it in the past. Cole [Palmer] has now gone to Chelsea, Riyad [Mahrez], Bernardo [Silva], Phil [Foden], Jack [Grealish], of course they are quick it’s more the quality of intelligence. Their ability one against one.

“But this explosive in five or six metres that Jeremy has, it is quite similar to Leroy and Raheem before.”

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