Manchester City Fall Away, 1-2: Reaction & Tweets

A rough match day that leads to defeat for Manchester City. Playing at the Molineux is difficult and with some missed chances, bad subs and more, it ws not enough to overcome a really spirited Wolves side.

On to the reaction-

Pep Guardiola Reaction

“Congratulations Wolves, they played really well,” he said. “We had our own moments – I don’t count the last 10 or 15 minutes as it was more difficult.

“We didn’t properly do our process to attack with a bit more fluidity and that was why we struggled a little bit.

“In the transitions, Neto was better than us. They beat us in that position not because we were disorganised, but they were better in that position that we could defend well.

“It was a difficult game to play we knew it and they played really well and congratulations.”

“I can be emotional on the touchline but after I reflect here I am so respectful. Today we didn’t lose because of the referee just like we don’t win because of the referee.

“We won five Premier League titles not for the referee and today we didn’t lose because of the referee, but for ourselves.

“But this is what is going on. Rodri’s three-match suspension is because of the action, the situation has happened. We have to accept it and all the times in previous games we have overcome the problems.

“You have to have the right character to be champions never ever did we not overcome the problems.

“Well, I’m pretty sure today we didn’t lose the Premier League and we didn’t win the Premier League, either,” said Pep.

“Six out of seven is nice.

“We could have done something we have never done before by winning seven in a row – we have our game, but the opponent played really, really good.

“They defended really well and they had the ability to keep it and drive and dribble forward.

“I told the team they (Wolves) came from being out of the Carabao Cup to lower league team – it’s happened and when you face this situation, its so much more difficult and I told them so.

“Today some details didn’t happen and maybe I apply bad some decisions.”

Notable Tweets

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