Manchester City Draw vs Spurs: Reaction & Tweets

Manchester City draw vs bogey team Spurs. From controversial referee decisions, missed opportunities, sloppy play and much more, this match had a bit of everything.

We move on to the reaction as Pep was mostly calm and knows there are many much more games yet to play.

Pep Guardiola Reaction

“I make mistakes, the players make mistakes,”

“It surprised me that in the moment when Erling goes down in the action from [Ben] Davies it was fine but in the right moment he stand up and the referee make the gesture to play on. After he made the pass he stopped the game. I don’t want to criticise them.

“In the touchline sometimes I lose my mind, my gesture was not proper. As a manager, I am not the guy when I am refreshed to comment.

“We didn’t draw because of that. They are happy, we are a little bit less happy.”

“I remember the first few games when everything was new.

“We don’t play with this consistency in the approach and defensive behaviour.

“Opponents have two or three shots on target and it is goal, goal, goal. That is difficult. We have to be clear and insist.

“Anyway, we are not going to change.

“I don’t know how far we will go this season but I am not going to change the approach. That’s for sure.”

Notable Tweets

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