Man Utd News: Ferdinand’s shocking statement about Rooney:

Rio Ferdinand and Wayne Rooney were two of Manchester United‘s mainstays during a glorious period for the British club. They enjoyed many years of success together at Old Trafford, winning a number of titles, from the Premier League to the Champions League.

They played together between 2004 and 2014, and that period will be remembered as one of the club’s best under Sir Alex Ferguson. Since then, the level of the ‘Red Devils’ has dropped noticeably.

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However, the former centre-back has now revealed in a podcast that Rooney was “the worst teammate” he played with during his playing career. Ferdinand explained how he used to argue with the now Birmingham City coach repeatedly on the pitch during matches.

In the latest episode of the BBC podcast, hosted by Rugby League legend Rob Burrow, who lives with motor neurone disease and asks guests seven questions using his eyeball machine, Ferdinand explained how Rooney‘s desire to be a better player fuelled the arguments.

“The worst teammate I probably had the most arguments with Wayne Rooney to be honest with you. Never came to blows, it was on the pitch,” Ferdinand said.

“We never argued in training really, it was just match day, we probably argued once every two or three games, effing and blinding, screaming at each other because I wanted more from him.

“I knew what he was good at and I knew he could do more. I’d want him to be more effective or something.

“The biggest thing for me with Wayne is he wanted to play 30 or 40 yard passes like Paul Scholes, and he could do it, he was that good. I wanted him to score 30 or 40 goals a season, because he could.

“We played one season and he scored 30-something goals and he wasn’t happy because he wasn’t getting involved in the game and dictating it, he was having to play high and I couldn’t get my head around it. That’s the top striker, I want you to be that because I know you can be that.”

“But he loved football that much he wanted to play football like he was playing in the park, and we used to argue, I’d tell him to shoot and he’d scream back at me. But they were good arguments.”

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