Lampard: When I came back to Chelsea I saw no togetherness

Frank Lampard‘s coaching career hasn’t yet taken off. His second spell on the Chelsea bench, which came at the end of last season, proved catastrophic: he managed 11 games with a record of one win, two draws and eight defeats.

“I don’t regret doing it. It wasn’t the best experience of my career, but I’ve learned from it. If people want to criticize me for 6-7 weeks of work, I have no problem,” Lampard admitted on the ‘Diary of a CEO’ podcast.

The Blues legend analyzed the problems he encountered on his return to Chelsea in depth: “When I got there I could just see the spirit and togetherness wasn’t there. It was nothing bad, it wasn’t bad to go through the week, but you have to train elite to be elite. You have to.

The situation at the club was aggravated following Chelsea‘s elimination in the Champions League against Real Madrid, which came just a few days after Lampard arrived: ‘(I) walked in with 10 games to go, they’d been there for the whole season and a lot weren’t playing, they didn’t know if they were going to leave, if the club wanted them to leave – I could see in training the the level wasn’t enough. 

‘It wasn’t enough to get a result at Brentford at home or whatever, let alone Real Madrid. It wasn’t enough. I said this to the players. When you are a manager, you also have to have a personal understanding of human nature.

‘If I’m a player that’s not been playing for seven months and think I might be leaving in four weeks’ time, I’m probably going to struggle to motivate that player. I haven’t got a magic wand to motivate them.’

Despite the struggles, Lampard refused to criticize Todd Boehly‘s management: “The intentions are good, the owners gave me an opportunity to go in there and I had a good relationship with them.”

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