Kyle Walker reveals the way Manchester City players are

Manchester City, along with their staggering fiscal advantage over every other club bar Newcastle United and Paris Saint-Germain, are unassailable at the top of English football due to an incredibly disciplined structure.

Pep Guardiola, despite having the best coaches, players and facilities at his disposal, also runs a rather tight ship when it comes to discipline.

This is how he retains control over players that in their own-right should be superstars, but aside from Erling Haaland and Kevin de Bruyne, are merely seen as Manchester City players, able to be rotated out for the next individual who takes the Spanish coach’s fancy.

In the rare event that a player steps out of line at the Etihad Stadium and is late, Kyle Walker has revealed exactly what the player can expect as a consequence.

“Man City don’t do fines, if it’s arriving ten minutes late for a team meeting, it’s paying for a meal, if there’s anyone to collect it, it’s Ruben Dias and Rodri,” Walker explained during a pre-match press conference.

Riyad Mahrez once has to pay for an entire team meal after making a mistake and being late for a meeting, however there isn’t an official fine system in place.

Kyle Walker’s ‘Wolf of Wall Street’ style renewal at Manchester CityRoberto Ortega

Is the system at Manchester City player-led?

Whilst Pep Guardiola has a key influence on his leadership group within the dressing room, Walker made clear that he is part of a five-man group that is entrusted with keeping the dressing room in line.

Despite Walker‘s own mixed past, mostly related to partying and breaking COVID-19 protocols, he is somehow still on Guardiola‘s radar as a reliable presence.

“The captains’ vote has come in and the five captains that have been chosen will lead the team for the season and make sure all checks and fines are paid up,” Walker concluded.

“I don’t think the order really matters but it’s down to myself, Kevin, Rodri, Ruben and Bernardo Silva.”

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