Journalist names “priority region” in interesting Chelsea

Chelsea are continuing their plans to fully launch their multi-club model.

With Chelsea as the main club, the owners have formed BlueCo, who will be operating as the owners of multiple clubs under the Chelsea umbrella.

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Strasbourg have been their second purchase after buying Chelsea, and they plan to buy other clubs as well and expand their ownership group, a lot like Red Bull and the Manchester City Group have done over recent years.

It’s not something we have heard much about lately, so that is why journalist Ben Jacobs’ timely update is a welcome and interesting bit of info coming out this afternoon.

Jacobs has just dropped his latest exclusive and extensive Chelsea insider column for SPTC today, and he speaks about the multi-club model in it.

“Chelsea won’t just sign players in 2024,” Jacobs said. “I also expect them to add to their multi-club model. Brazil is one priority region and they are still looking in Portugal and Belgium. Buying or investing in a club takes time. It’s not done at the same speed as a transfer. And a stability period is needed after BlueCo (Chelsea’s owners) bought almost 100% of Strasbourg. That’s why we’ve not seen a flurry of clubs added in 2023.

“The aim was always to start the multi-club model in the third quarter of 2023 and now that Chelsea have bolstered their senior leadership on both the football and brand side, they can start to plan for next year.”

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