Ignore The Clippings: Erling Haaland & Julian Alvarez Are

Ah the international break, when Spanish media have nothing else to print and we have new stories on ‘links’ ‘monitoring and could be ‘considering’ as City players could depart to Barcelona or Real Madrid. We heard for a decade with Sergio Aguero and it seems here we are to that dance again.

Two reports:

A lot to do about nothing and as our headline suggest, ignore these clippings as the reports will pop up every international break and transfer window.

Both players are locked in and unless something dramatically different happens they will be here until 2025 at the earliest and as many have suggested could stay way past that.

Manchester City is a model club in player treatment from on time payments, a player development team, coaching, medical and much more they will not find elsewhere.

Safely stand behind these two are they are City’s future and seem to be having an awesome time.

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