“I need to be more involved”

Mauricio Pochettino is very good at managing up as well as down, and we’ve not heard any complaints from him at any stage about the chaos at Chelsea.

Today, perhaps unintentionally, he unleashed what sounded a little more like demands, or at the very least some pressure, on those above him to get their act together.

The squad has been turned over with more of an eye on the accounting limits than on the actual footballing logic of the team, and that’s not helping the manager. On the one hand, it’s important that clubs have an overarching strategy that goes beyond whoever happens to be head coach – on the other hand, it’s equally important that everything is done to ensure whoever is in the hot seat has everything they need to succeed.

“The good thing, the relationship is very good with the owners and the sporting directors,” he said in his press conference today.

“I think like I told before, when the transfer window was closed, I need to be involved, more involved now, in every single decision,” he then added. “I think we need to start identifying what we need for January.”

After three frenzied windows, we expected a more laid back January. That idea is fast looking unrealistic.

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