Group of thugs brutally assault Premier League soccer star:

Jamaal Lascelles was enjoying two days off when he was violently assaulted in Newcastle.

The ‘Daily Mail’, which published the video of the aggression, has reported that it all started when the player was leaving the Chinawhite nightclub and a man elbowed Lascelles’ 19-year-old brother in the throat, which caused the footballer to push the aggressor away.

At that point a bottle was thrown at Lascelles, which grazed his head, and a group of six to eight people jumped in to assault the soccer star.

Sources consulted by the ‘Daily Mail’ claim that Jamaal Lascelles acted in self-defense throughout the incident and was trying to protect his brother.

The group of assailants escaped before the police arrived and one of Lascelles’ friend, who was unconscious for 15 minutes, was rushed to the hospital.

Police are now investigating the fight which took place on Westgate Road .

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