“Fine and good to go”

Simon Johnson of the Athletic is reporting that Reece James is “fine and good to go” on Chelsea’s American tour after a scan on his knee.

The full back, who has had an injury nightmare for two years, with major knee surgery a part of that, had felt some pain in his knee, and understandably the club have reacted protectively.

It was Twitter insider C345Sam who had the initial report, swiftly followed up by Nizaar Kinsella’s more official confirmation of the news that James was indeed getting a scan.

But as we wrote in our initial reporting on the matter, it was only ever precautionary – and just a final check that his rehab is complete and he’s ready for action in the US.

Our main priority for this season should be ensuring James makes it though unhurt – even if that means giving him a limit of 30 games or something, it’s better to have him fit and playing fewer games than unfit or half injured and potentially doing more long term damage.

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