Facundo Pellistri reveals why he’s ready to dominate the

Manchester United have a right-wing problem.

After years of not having many options, they are in a unique position where they have many options, but they are all unavailable at the same time.

Normally, such situations can be the making of a new superstar who comes in from the cold and takes his chance with both hands.

Fortunately for United fans, Facundo Pellistri is saying all the right things in that regard.

Speaking to United review as part of the buildup to the Brighton game, Pellistri said that he grafted the whole pre-season in Mexico, foregoing a holiday, to prepare himself for this season.

Pellistri said “you can’t have holidays” now because “football is so difficult”.

“So that’s why everyone keeps pushing because now the seasons are, every time, harder. And if we want to win everything, we have to train that way.

“It’s how it is now. And, of course, we do what we like. We like to play. We want to play lots of games and, if you don’t train, you can’t do that,” he said.

He went into detail about how his sessions in Mexico have prepared him to take on challenges in the league now.

The Uruguayan tailored his sessions to work around the heat and high temperature but stressed that it has benefitted him greatly, particularly in making holistic improvements to his game.

“It’s very important nowadays,” he said about wingers making defensive contributions as well.

“So that’s why I had to train in Mexico because the players need to do all those things in modern football. So, yes, that’s also why we have to defend,” he said.

This would come as music to the ears of fans and the club as well because he would well make his first Premier League start this season as Antony is on extended leave, the impasse with Jadon Sancho doesn’t seem to have resolved, and Amad is still out.

Marcus Rashford broke through due to a barrage of injuries and never looked back. Pellistri would be hoping to repeat that scenario.

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