Everton punishment reminds Chelsea that sales will have to

The news that Everton are being docked ten points for breaches of Premier League spending rules has got fans of many other clubs hoping that Chelsea could be next.

It’s not likely – and David Ornstein said yesterday, the things Chelsea could be charged with are different – but it’s a reminder that the vast spending they have made in the last 18 months will have to be repaid to some degree.

There are a certain number of assets on our books who look more than ever like they will be sold, and a chunk of our spending can probably be made up through just a couple of these.

We see Ian Maatsen as a prime candidate, he’s not playing much and will fetch a good price.

Then there’s Andrey Santos and Cesare Casadei. Neither seem to have much hope of breaking into our crowded midfield, but are young and talented enough to pick up big fees somewhere down the line.

Whoever we sell, it won’t be popular with some fans, but it’s going to have to be done.

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