Dele Alli’s mother ‘dismantles’ her son’s interview: It’s a

A few days ago Dele Alli made headlines in England. It wasn’t because of his performance on the field, but because of an interview with Gary Neville where he said he had a difficult childhoodthat affected his professional career.

The England international said that at the age of eight he suffered sexual abuse and sold drugs. They also touched on other topics from his difficult childhood, such as his mother’s drinking problems.

The mother denies everything

Faced with these serious statements, the player’s mother, in an interview with the French media OJBSPORT denied the allegations

“It has been said that I suffered from alcoholism and that I abandoned him because I could not take care of him, but that is a lie,” she said.

“I wanted to give him the chance to achieve his dream, but he was still my son and I was there for him whenever he needed me.”

Dele Alli also commented that he was adopted, something his mother also strongly denied: “Dele was never adopted by anyone. At the age of seven he attended one of the best schools in Lagos. He was never sent to Africa to be disciplined.

“It is a blatant lie. He had a driver who picked him up every day from school. We have all the documents and photos of Dele with his dad since he was born as a child. He has been brainwashed.”

She always wanted the best for his son

His family was always rooting for him to fulfill his dreams.

“When he was about 13 years old, Dele started training at MK Dons five days a week,” she said. “Then, out of convenience, he started staying at his best friend’s house during the week, then coming home on weekends.

“It was hard to let him live away from home, but we didn’t have a car and it was difficult for me to take him to training,” said his mother.

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