Chelsea reportedly secure shirt sponsor deal in time for EPL

Chelsea’s quest for a prominent shirt sponsor appears to be wrapping up just in time for the Premier League’s inaugural match. Sources suggest that Infinite Athlete is poised to replace the mobile network, Three, which concluded its sponsorship last season. Fans might witness Infinite Athlete’s logo adorning Chelsea jerseys as early as their clash against Liverpool this Sunday, but the collaboration is still awaiting the league’s green light.

Throughout the preseason, a sponsor-less shirt was sported by Chelsea. The Premier League reportedly squashed a prospective agreement with Paramount Plus due to potential clashes with the league’s broadcasting allies. Fan backlash led Chelsea to reportedly abandon negotiations with, and a proposal from Allianz also seemingly fell through.

Infinite Athlete emerged recently after the sports tech start-up, Tempus Ex Machina, acquired the company, Biocore. Interestingly, earlier this year, Tempus Ex Machina had forged a seven-year agreement with Chelsea and assisted the team in exploring new mobile broadcasting avenues.

Chelsea’s deal with Three ended last season

George Harborne, SBC’s sponsorship director, opined in July, “It’s quite a rarity for a premier team to be sponsor-searching this close to the season’s commencement, which invariably compromises the club’s negotiation stance. A brief-term contract might be the only feasible alternative for them.”

Chelsea are eager to turn the page on what was a diastrous season for the Blues, and look to be doing it in a fresh new look.

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