Bruno Fernandes clears the air on supposed rift with Andre

Bruno Fernandes has responded to rumours of a rift between himself and Manchester United’s new number 1, Andre Onana.

Following United’s defeat to Real Madrid in their pre-season America tour, some social media users highlighted an incident within the game where Bruno appeared to have ignored Onana.

The incident in question came after United had given away a corner, and were setting up to defend it.

Onana, who is known for being vocal, yelled out to Fernandes telling him where he wanted him to take up defensive positions.

According to the eagle-eyed social media commenters, Bruno appeared to ignore Onana, brushing past him without making eye contact as the Cameroonian spoke to him.

One poster said, “Captain Bruno doesn’t want anyone to correct him or advise him. Bruno completing (sic) ignores new signing Onana.”

But in the comments on the post, Bruno responded to the person who made the comment, saying:

‘Nice how you could see me ignoring him when I was going to the place he was telling me to be positioned in the corner.’

‘Nice try to make it look bad.’

In perspective, the incident is not likely to bother Erik ten Hag much.

On-pitch disagreements between players are not unusual, and with Bruno having clarified that this was not even the case, the matter can safely be laid to rest.

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