Bournemouth-Luton abandoned after Lockyer collapses on pitch

Luton captain Tom Lockyer collapsed during the second half of his side’s clash with Bournemouth. The match was abandoned at the Vitality Stadium in the 65th minute, with the players and referee heading down the tunnel in uncertainty over the defender’s condition.

Lockyer collapsed on his own and all the players quickly rushed to his aid. Luton manager Rob Edwards asked everyone to stand back so that he could be attended to.

And as Lockyer was treated in the middle of the pitch, his teammates and fans were holding their hands to their heads and praying at the gravity of what had happened. His teammate Kabor was the most affected.

Lockyer was stretchered off after a few minutes to a standing ovation amid concern from the entire stadium. “He is alert and responsive,” said Gary Lineker.

Lockyer underwent heart surgery in summer

What caused the incident isn’t known, but Lockyer already had a mishap last May on the pitch. The defender was substituted after 12 minutes of the Premiership promotion playoff final against Coventry.

The Luton captain collapsed while running on the green at Wembley and was immediately taken to hospital. He had to undergo surgery, but was given the ‘green light’ to continue playing.

According to the ‘BBC’, Lockyer suffers from “atrial fibrillation, a condition described as causing an irregular and often abnormally fast heart rhythm.”

“I would like to thank the doctors for their quick response. I’m sure it was a much more frightening time for them than it was for me,” he said at the time.

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