Best and worst new kits in European soccer for 2023-24

With a new array of kits on display across Europe, theScore breaks down the best and worst designs for the 2023-24 campaign.

The best 😍

AS Roma (home)

Adidas hit a home run with AS Roma’s home shirt, inspired by the club’s 1992-93 uniform. The return of the iconic “Lupetto” (little wolf) emblem, combined with a minimalist design, boosts the Italian side’s claim to having the sharpest home kit in Europe.

Tottenham (away)

It doesn’t get much cleaner than Tottenham Hotspur’s away threads. The north London club has had some dreadful away kits the last two years, but this ensemble – reminiscent of the France national team – is a classic.

Bayern Munich (away and third)

There’s hardly anything to complain about with Bayern Munich’s alternate kits. Sprinkles of green and purple pop against a black backdrop in the away attire, while their dedicated Champions League top is highlighted by the throwback crest the team first introduced in 1923.

Lyon (away)

Along with possibly having the slickest home kit, Lyon’s away uniform has to be among the best in Ligue 1. The blue with red trim works beautifully here, topped off by the stylish throwback “OL” emblem instead of a crest.

Atletico Madrid (away)

Atletico Madrid’s commemorative half-and-half away shirt is a modern take on the first kit worn by the team 120 years ago and features the club’s spectacular original crest. It’s hard to go wrong with a throwback.

Juventus (away)

We’ll get to their abomination of a home kit later, but Juventus nailed their away look for the season, paying tribute to their pink roots. Can they ditch their primary jersey and simply wear this for every game?

Manchester United (third)

It might look a tad too much like a Liverpool top, but that probably won’t stop Manchester United fans from rushing to the club shop to snap up one of these beauties. Sales for the third kit will make up for the club’s dreadful away uniform.

Manchester City (third)

Manchester City’s electrifying play on the pitch is matched by their third kit, a navy ensemble with crackling blue sparks and an eye-catching pink crest. This color combination is outstanding.

The worst πŸ€”

Newcastle United (away)

In what’s become a yearly tradition, Saudi-owned Newcastle appear to have once again paid homage to the Middle Eastern nation with a green away top. It’s a nice design, but the undertones are impossible to ignore.

Juventus (home)

Juventus have gone full-blown zebra. Adidas’ use of a furry effect to resemble the animal produced eyebrow-raising results. Fortunately, the yellow stripes and logo help take some of the attention away from the peculiar look.

Manchester United (away)

A perfect example of when retro fits should be left in the past. Not even new Manchester United signing Rasmus Hojlund can do this jersey justice. Adidas’ seaweed template is a design for the ages for all the wrong reasons.

Arsenal (away)

If the goal was to look like a snazzy safety vest for crossing guards, then Adidas nailed it with their take on Arsenal’s extremely loud away kit. Sometimes simple is better.

Getafe (away)

Before frustrating Barcelona in a goalless draw to open the Spanish season, Getafe left their own fans baffled when they unveiled this unsightly kit in June. The problem here is clear: the central placement of the crest. Kidding, it’s obviously the hideous, oversized cross.

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