Benjamin Mendy Continues Legal Battle with Manchester City

Former Manchester City player Benjamin Mendy has taken the club to court over his unpaid wages. The left-back who now plays for French Ligue 1 side FC Lorient.

The player is represented by prominent sports lawyer Nick De Marco KC. The ‘multi-million pound’ lawsuit against City is meant to recover unpaid wages owed to the player as the club stopped his £100,000-per-week salary when he was charged with rape and sexual assault back in 2021.

Mendy denied any wrongdoing throughout the process. He was later cleared of the charges earlier this year after being found not guilty by the jury at Chester Crown Court. With his contract at City already expired, the …-year-old seeking payment of the backlog of his £100,000-a-week wages which City stopped paying from September 2021.

Mendy is now seeking full repayment of his salary owed from September 2021 to the expiration of his contract in June 2023. This is to enable him to fulfill his financial obligations as he is currently in financial difficulty.

As reported last month, the former French international slashed his £5m asking price for his Cheshire mansion by £750,000 in his efforts to avoid going bankrupt.

Mendy’s accountant, David Lumley, has revealed that the back pay was ‘in the order of nine to 10 million pounds gross’. That is the amount the player is looking to get from the club. The club is yet to respond to the amount being claimed.

However, there are ongoing discussions between Mendy’s representatives and the club to resolve the matter. Last month, Louis Doyle KC, revealed that discussions with City were ongoing. ‘One senses that there is going to be a positive end to the dispute’, said Louis.

Although the claim is set to go before an Employment Tribunal, in the end, it may be a matter to be settled by both parties out of court. Both parties have claims and counter claims as the player was not available as required by his contract to work during the period in question due to his legal battles.

The club could have cancelled the contract then but didn’t and so technically, the player was still under contract despite being suspended by the club.

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