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Barcelona want to sign Martinez and force Suarez out

It feels a long time ago when the main issue at Barcelona was wondering if they had enough money to make a move for Inter Milan striker Lautaro Martinez.

Since then they’ve changed their manager and had to deal with the entire Lionel Messi situation, but it looks like they are going to make one final push to bring the Argentine star in:

It always felt like Martinez would be the long term successor for Suarez, but many thought they would spend at least one season at the Nou Camp to allow the Inter man to settle, but that won’t be the case here.

It looks like Koeman is doing all he can to force the Uruguayan star out of the club, while you have to think that freeing up his wages will be vital to allow new signings to come in.

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The original issue of finances is still there as there’s nothing to suggest that Barca have suddenly found a lot of money to make a big move, while there’s no sign of a major departure happening to provide the funds either.

The link with Depay probably makes more sense because he’s Dutch and should be cheaper than Martinez, but the Inter man is a more accomplished striker who’s played at a higher level and has a bigger upside so it’s understandable that they are looking to make one final run at getting that deal over the line.

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