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Arsenal legend Thierry Henry heaps praise on West Ham…

West Ham have gained a lot of new admirers this season, and it appears that legendary Arsenal striker Thierry Henry is the latest to have noticed how impressive they’ve been.

The strikers that usually take the praise are the one’s who score 25+ goals a season or who can produce a moment of magic, but sometimes those who set the tone and make the entire thing work should take that praise.

It’s incredibly noticeable when Michail Antonio is missing from the West Ham side and they don’t have anyone like him who can act as a replacement, while he was also one of the main reasons for their victory last night.

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Henry spoke about his performance during his punditry for Sky Sports, and it’s clear just how impressed he was:

He’s contagious. He works hard every single time. When you play with someone like that and see him battling for everything. More than time to time he will score a goal for you as well. If he didn’t get as many injuries this season maybe they would have been even higher, who knows?”

Champions League football is still very possible next season as the Hammers are only three points behind Chelsea who have to travel to face Man City at the weekend, and Michail Antonio playing well will be a big reason for that happening if they can pull it off.

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