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Arsenal can sign Jorginho if Chelsea land Declan Rice

Almost every transfer is usually dependent on someone else moving first to make space for a new arrival, and it explains why things have been so slow this summer.

There’s less money floating around so fewer teams are active in the transfer market, so it’s led to a knock on effect where most deals are taking weeks to go through.

Arsenal are still desperate to add another midfielder to their team and Chelsea midfielder Jorginho has emerged as a serious target in the past few days.

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Mikel Arteta was even asked about the possibility of signing Jorginho in his press conference today and he didn’t exactly dismiss the idea, so there could be something in this.

It also looks like Chelsea would be open to selling him to Arsenal, but it could all depend on West Ham finally agreeing to let Declan Rice go:

A holding midfielder is the only thing that Chelsea haven’t managed to sign this summer, and Jorginho is a poor fit in the system that Frank Lampard deploys.

Kovacic is always going to start but Jorginho was too similar to the Croatian, so it led to limited pressing or defensive discipline and they were far too easy to play through.

Signing Rice would allow more freedom to Kovacic and he should also provide a lot more protection to the back four who were badly exposed by a lack of quality in front and behind them last season.

Jorginho is clearly a great player who can keep the ball moving so he could be a good signing for Arsenal, but Arteta would need to have someone to play behind him and Ceballos or they’ll have exactly the same problem.

This could drag on until the end of the window depending on how West Ham decide to handle things, but there’s a chance of a few things happening here if Rice does move to Chelsea.

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