Arsenal and Chelsea encouraged to start bidding war for €15m

  • Iván Fresneda, a Spanish Under-19 international, becomes the centre of a transfer tussle involving Sporting CP, Arsenal, and Chelsea.
  • Valladolid remains steadfast with a €15 million price tag, leveraging interest from top clubs.
  • Sporting’s urgency mounts as they aim to finalise Fresneda’s signing or explore alternatives before August’s end.
VALLADOLID, SPAIN – MAY 23: Ivan Fresneda of Real Valladolid CF inspects the pitch prior to the LaLiga Santander match between Real Valladolid CF and FC Barcelona at Estadio Municipal Jose Zorrilla on May 23, 2023 in Valladolid, Spain. (Photo by Angel Martinez/Getty Images)

Currently on the books of Valladolid, the right-back is drawing attention not only from Sporting but also from two of England’s top clubs: Arsenal and Chelsea.

Valladolid’s asking price stands firm at €15 million.

Considering the burgeoning interest from Arsenal and Chelsea, it’s clear the Spanish club is banking on a bidding war.

However, their precarious financial condition, which is pushing them towards a sale, gives other clubs some negotiation leverage.

Amid this backdrop, Sporting’s Hugo Viana is trying to navigate the situation.

After a brief hiatus from training the previous week to contemplate his future, Fresneda rejoined team activities. Valladolid’s decision to momentarily keep him out was a strategic move to avoid potential injury, which could jeopardise a lucrative transfer deal.

While everything signals Valladolid’s keenness to sell, it also doubles as a pressure tactic. It sends out a message that Fresneda might still have a future with the Spanish club, challenging interested parties to hasten their efforts.

At the heart of it, it’s a classic standoff. Both selling and buying parties are locked in a proverbial arm-wrestling match, with each waiting for the other to blink first.

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Intro paragraph: The race to sign Iván Fresneda is heating up, as Sporting strives to secure the promising right-back. With Arsenal and Chelsea also in the mix, and Valladolid’s financial challenges driving the need for a sale, it’s a transfer saga that’s sure to captivate until the window’s end.

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