Appeal by Liverpool forward Mo Salah amid Israel-Gaza

Liverpool and Egypt forward Mohamed Salah has called for the massacres in the Israeli-Hamas conflict to stop and for immediate humanitarian aid to be allowed into Gaza.

Hundreds of Palestinian civilians were killed in a massive blast at a Gaza City hospital on Tuesday, while concerns grow as supplies of water and food ran out.

Both Israel and Hamas have issued rival claims about the atrocity feared to have killed at least 500.

Israel has said it will allow Egypt to deliver limited quantities of humanitarian aid to the Gaza Strip amid its siege following surprise attacks by Hamas on October 7.

Hamas reports over 500 fatalities in Gaza hospital strikeRoberto Ortega

Salah had already made what was described as a “significant” undisclosed donation, via his agent, to humanitarian organisation the Egyptian Red Crescent Society in support of the people of Gaza.

In a video post on social media during Wednesday evening, Salah called the scenes at the hospital “horrifying” and for leaders to come together to “prevent the further slaughter of innocent souls”.

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