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Albion Rovers forward David Cox to retire after mental…

It does feel like we’re getting a better understanding and awareness of mental health in general life, and in some ways it’s positive to hear that some players are starting to speak out and hopefully someone in a similar position feels inspired if they share their story.

If you’re not a lower-league football fan in Scotland then you may not have heard of David Cox – He’s a fairly journeyman striker who’s played for a few clubs, but he is someone who has gained a ton of respect after opening up on his troubles with his mental health.

Unfortunately he found himself in a position at one point where he tried to take his own life, and there have been horrible stories over the years about players using that to mock him and degrade him on the field.

That did seem to go away as the footballing community as a whole seemed to gather round him apart from the inevitable moron here and there, so it’s awful to hear about this story emerging after his Albion Rovers side played Stenhousemuir tonight:

Stenhousemuir are currently staying quiet on this as it doesn’t seem like the accusation has been acknowledged, while we’ve also reached out to them for comment without response.

The main thing is Cox’s health as he’s obviously going to be shaken by this hopefully he’s doing okay, but it’s deeply concerning to hear further reports that this happened right in front of the referee who did nothing.

Stenhousemuir have a reputation as a great wee club which tries to be a focal point of their community, so they are going to have to take some kind of action to make it clear that this cannot and will not be tolerated.

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